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Recovery House Stay* (Included with ALL surgeries)

When booking any surgery, your stay in Columbia is included!

Recovering in Ultra Luxury

Stay with us in an Ultra Luxury fashion, designed for the most ultimate recovery stay money can buy. A post-surgery stay with no expense spared and a full fledged staff exclusively trained by the #Realmagichands, our exclusive post surgery care partner.

Booking your plastic surgery with Surgery Hotel

We're not just a Plastic Surgery Hotel and Recovery Retreat. We offer caretakers that care for you during your recovery. With our caretakers, you can rest at ease knowing that experienced staff are catering to your needs after your plastic surgery. Your safe, speedy recovery is our goal.

Your surgery is done by the most experienced, qualified and trained doctors in Columbia. Rest assured, they're the best at what they do!

Our staff has received extensive care taker training on how to care for you after plastic surgery. We help you properly fit your garment and provide the needed advice to make sure your recovery is as smooth and satisfactory as possible.

Magic Hands Recovery

Did you know your recovery care will effect the outcome of your surgery?

Proper garment and fitting, placement and timing of foams, massage, types of food and water intake all effect the outcome of your plastic surgery. At Surgery Hotel, you get the advice and help of post op care specialists with 10 years experience and thousands of happy clients. We love what we do and know you’ll love the care too.

Good recovery includes the little things

During your post-operative recovery, even the little things matter. We are there to help you every step of the way.

3 Meals a day and snacks included

Quality food that you can actually eat. We let you decide what food you want, so there won’t be any guessing the quality of care.

Garment and Dressing

The quality of your surgery depends on the careful placement of your garment and foams. Leave it to the professionals at Magic Hands Recovery to aid the healing process the right way.

Whats included

For us, your recovery care is about quality, not quantity. We only allow a limited number of dolls at a time so you can rest assured that you will received the highest quality care you can get. You’ll have your own room with privacy during your entire stay.


To and from, Airport, doctors appointments, Post Oo Massage Office, Post op doctor visit, pre op doctor visit and trips to the mall, Downtown Miami and more!

Post op massages

Exclusive post of massages by Surgery Hotel. The only recovery house to offer exclusive services with the best in the business!

Medical Supplies

We provide all the necessary medical supplies you need after your plastic surgery, bbl, tummy tuck and even mommy makeover. From chucks to gauze, abd pads, arnica, over the counter meds and first aid.

Your own room

Your privacy is important to us. That’s why you’ll never share a room with another sx doll while you are at Surgery Hotel’s, Magic Hands Recovery Retreat. If you have a surgery buddy, we can accommodate you both!

Faja and Surgery Foams

Your Faja and Surgery foams are included in your stay. You won’t have to worry about getting a bad faja that may ruin your results. We’ll help you fit your new faja and reduce the size for you when your size drops after surgery. That’s just one more way we care for you.

Food and Snacks

We include breakfast, lunch and dinner of your choice. Hot breakfast is served daily with your choice of food for lunch and dinner. We also stock your favorite snacks and goodies to make you feel at home!

About Surgery Hotel and Magic Hands Recovery

We were born out of the need for the highest quality recovery care for our sx dolls flying in from out of town. They call us Magic Hands for a reason. See for yourself and call 305-CONTOUR for more information.
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See the difference

You recovery stay is as important as your surgery itself. Check out our cost breakdown by clicking the button below.

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What other services do we offer ?

Caretaker Services

With the #MagicHands of Surgery Hotel, you’ll experience care like no other. We are passionate about offering the highest quality services to our clients and we hope to earn your business too.

Post-Operative Care

The ONLY Caretaker Service to offer exclusive post-op care with staff trained by the skilled hands of My Body Contour.

Caretaker Services

The most important aspect of healing after plastic surgery is the care you receive. Recovery is just as important as the surgery itself.

One set price

Our standard pricing for caretaker services never changes. We recommend booking your caretakers in advance because availability of our highly trained staff is limited.

We know your doctors orders

Post-op instructions are something we know by heart. So you'll get the caretaker service you need, how you need it.

We take bookings over the phone also!

Monday to Friday 9:30am – 3:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 2:00pm
Sunday 11:00am – 2:00pm

Book your Caretakers Online

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